Pennsylvania Custom Modular Home Manufacturer

Signature Building Systems is a modular home manufacturer founded in 1992 by experts in systems built housing. We are a manufacturing leader in custom designed pre-site built homes. Signature Building Systems has built over 4,000 quality homes that provide exceptional value and savings to residential and commercial buyers.

We offer two-story, cape, ranch, and raised ranch floor plans as well as custom designed and tailored floor plans that meet your most demanding requirements. Additional expertise includes fabricating estate homes, multi-family residences, apartment complexes, and housing developments. Large projects include custom hotels and motels, assisted living facilities, townhouses, and 55 plus senior communities.

Building Green Modular Homes

We build “green” into every custom modular home that is manufactured at our state of the art factory. Building Green begins in the design phase, continues through production with specific building techniques and culminates with finish items chosen by our customers such as appliances, fixtures, and design options. For more information on “green” building and customizing your modular home, please visit our “Product Specifications Guide” and “Green” sections. Signature Building Systems homes are sold through our network of expert independent builders in CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, & VT.

Custom Made Modular Homes

Signature Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom designed, pre-site built homes. The Pennsylvania based business has completed over 4,500 projects throughout the eastern seaboard – everything from ranches and capes to two-story homes and special, custom designed floor plans, as well as estate homes, multi-family residences, hotels, and even entire apartment complexes.

Whatever the project, Signature can work with the customer’s builder to get it done. The manufacturing process takes place at a state-of-the-art plant built with the sole intention of being a custom modular home manufacturing facility. How is this different to most our competition? Their facilities are converted from the old mobile home industry, rail car industry, or something similar to that. We were able to design our building with the sole intention of being a custom home manufacturer; as a result, we’re able to do some things differently. Our plant's entire structure was laid out with efficiency in mind, with each workstation carefully positioned to increase productivity. Our jigs, our mezzanines, our bridge cranes are positioned in such a way that they serve a number of departments, so we are able to move our material more efficiently.

Our Moosic, PA facility also features the modular industry’s latest, most advanced technology. Some of this special equipment allows Signature’s craftsmen to pre-fit sections, components, and even entire roofs before the structure is shipped to its destination. We will pitch the roof in our plant to make sure it fits. We will put the gable end panels in to make sure they fit and then we will disassemble them. This extra level of care ensures that the home will reassemble perfectly once it reaches the site. It also sets Signature apart from its competitors.

Every step of the manufacturing process takes place inside the plant’s controlled environment. The product is built in our facility from start to finish. This means that all materials, from lumber and sheet rock to insulation and shingles, are protected from the weather – and, the staff can work every single day in comfortable conditions, regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, freezing cold, or sweltering hot outside. Removing weather delays from the equation helps the team maintain a predictable, and relatively rapid, timeline. Typically, it only takes about eight days to build one module and the entire process – from hammering the first nail to turning over the keys – usually takes around 100 days.

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Watch below as we go through the building process of the La Quinta Hotel in Hershey, PA. You will see both the manufacturing process in our facility and the setting process on site.


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