Chris R. – 7/7/2015

Thank you for the tour we are convinced that modular is the right decision for us!


Tony D. – 3/22/2015

I believe they are by far the Mercedes of the industry. The quality of their homes are second to none.Its a easy decision when it comes to buying a home where I would shop for the quality and attention that goes into their product .I know that I will be able to pass down my home to my grandchildren to raise their family long after im gone


Phil Natale – Premier Modular Homes – 1/18/2013

Great job by Premier and Signature through this tough time at Jersey Shore. Your house stood up to its task. Thank you so much. I will thank you again with orders of 5 more homes for neighbors and Family. Ron is the best!!!!!

Phil Natale



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Jonathan Davidson – Long Island Modular Homes

In a difficult economy, there are those who seek opportunity and growth, and those who seek to weather the storm and hold the status quo. At Long Island Modular Homes, we are having great success despite a poor housing market. We have taken a business approach to building and have created strong relationships that begin with the factory, and culminate with truly custom modular homes.

We are not alone in our optimistic views and business approaches. Vic DePhillips, President of Signature Building Systems of PA, LLC is continually striving to work with builders such as Long Island Modular Homes to improve the process of construction, while simultaneously raising the bar on building standards and home efficiency. By offering their builders support with leads, marketing, great engineering and sales support, they produce a consistent quality home.

A key reason for our success is the working relationship we have with factories such as Signature Building Systems. Working with Signature has the same personal feel that we strive to create for our clients. At no point in the building process does it feel as though you are dealing with a “factory” mentality. It is quite the opposite; you find you are dealing with a team of intelligent hard working individuals who treat each order as an individual project and not as just another product.

Our successful relationship with Signature owes largely to the personal attention of our sales rep, Gene McKeown. Gene’s attention to detail allows us to give our customers a level of service that is unmatched. Because of our individual relationships within all the departments at Signature, there is always a person to direct us to a quick and thorough solution. We are able to offer our clients the fastest turnaround time in custom design, pricing, and plans because that is what Gene offers us. His availability to us at the factory, in our offices, or in the field has helped us to achieve such projects as the first modular home set on Fire Island, NY. With his support, he has helped us to close on ten homes in the past three months, and we look forward to another seven this year.

Gary Fleisher recently described Long Island Modular Homes as, “a true phenomenon in this business, especially during this housing recession.” This is a credit to the working relationship we have with Signature Building Systems.


Dr. Louis M. Cofrancesco – 5/18/2009

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter. As you know, I recently purchased a home from your company and as in any complex project, there were problems. But I can honestly say that after they were addressed and identified, they were rectified quickly and professionally. My thanks go to Victor and Justin DePhillips for coming to my home and perosnally inspecting and clarifying the problems that I identified. To Justin, for personally handling every aspect of this operation, you were always easily accessible by email and telephone, and I will miss our weekly bantering. To John and his crew who faithfully showed up at my house at 7 am every morning and worked through the day with very few breaks and showed exceptional skill in their work and professionalism in their manner. I can say at this point that every problem that I brought up was addressed and corrected. I am fully satisfied with every aspect of the operation, and would happily recommend Signature Building Systems for anyone interested in their product.

Dr. Louis M. Cofrancesco