New World Home – Oldwick, NJ

New World Home.


New World Home

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This 3,100 sqft. modular farmhouse was designed by New World Home on the farm owned by former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Behind the facade of a traditional farmhouse, builders installed bamboo floors, a re-claimed-wood kitchen island, water-conserving kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and many energy- efficient appliances and  sustainably produced materials such as:

• Bamboo and cork flooring
• Recycled brick
• Insulated prefab concrete foundation
• Low-flow showerheads and faucets
• Dual-flush toilets
• Formaldehyde-free wall insulation
• Non-VOC paints and finishes
• Quartz countertops
• Tankless water heater
• High-efficiency HVAC system
• The broad side of the house faces south (passive solar orientation) to let in more light and warmth
• Energy Star-rated windows, doors, appliances, lighting, ceiling fans and metal roofing.


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