Should You Purchase a Modular Home in 2016?

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Choosing a new place to live can be a stressful procedure. Location, cost, style, there are so many things to think of, whether you’re buying or building. More recently, people are choosing to purchase a modular home, and it is proving to be a smart decision time after time. Let’s take a look at some facts and see why choosing Modular is a smart decision.

Purchasing a Modular Home

Energy Efficiency

One benefit is that you hear time and time again is that they are energy efficient. Modular builders work in a factory, rather than on site, which leaves no cracks, or misassembled pieces. This prevents cold air from seeping into your home once you are living there, and keeps your new modular home feeling warm and toasty. Modular homes’ tight construction has even earned them a reputation of being able to withstand certain natural disasters as well.


Fast Construction

Another big advantage of these homes is their fast construction. Because it is done in a factory, and not on site, weather does not hold up the job. Also, there’s no need to hire contractors. The modular home is simply constructed right in the factory, where all materials are located. This considerably cuts downthe time needed to construct the home and you will be happy in your new modular home in no time!



Building costs are considerably cheaper than building a new home on site. This is due to the reduced labor and material costs. It takes fewer laborers considerably less time over less days to have your modular home ready for you to move in, which saves you money. Plus, as mentioned, the savings on heating and cooling costs will last forever.


As we’ve mentioned, there are many pros to going modular. Modular home construction take much less time than on site building. This reduced time also saves you money on the construction of your modular home. The energy efficiency will save you even more money. So opting for a modular home saves you money and time, while helping the environment as well. It’s no wonder many people are going modular!