Gary Martin

Service Manager
 Moosic, PA
1 800-231-8713

Gary has been in the Manufactured Housing Industry for 42 years. He spent 16 years as a Field Customer Service Tech and 26 years between production, sales, the Field Project Manager which led him to become the Service Manager at Signature in May, 2014.


How did you get involved in the modular home industry?

I started my career in the mobile home industry in 1970, working on the production line. I was then transferred to a supervisor position for three years. After leaving that company, I became a field service tech for another manufacturer for 15 years. Following that, I was promoted to a production line supervisor and then to production manager. After the mobile home industry started winding down, the company converted over to building modular homes. In the past 25 years, I have work in the following departments: Production Manager, Sales, Project Site Manager, Quality Control Manager and Service Manager.


What inspired you to work for Signature Building Systems?

Mr. Vic De Phillips.


What accomplishments have you made while at Signature?

I have helped communicate with our builders and retail customers and sped up the timing of the customer service process.


What do you find most interesting about Signature Building Systems?

The size and complexity of homes built on this production line.


What part/ parts of Signature should be shown more to customers?

Our high quality of homes. The rest will come along thru word of mouth by the builder/ customers.


After a factory tour, what are the most important messages you hope visitors remember?

A warm and fuzzy feeling about Signature, the quality of homes being built on the production during their tour, and how well they were treated while at the plant.


Why should customers choose Signature Building Systems over a competitor?

We have a quicker building process compared our competitors, which includes returning quotes and prints to the builder.


What improvements has Signature made since you started working here?

Homes leaving the plant are better quality than when I started. The office staff is also more organized.


How would you describe this company?

As one of the newest employees, I have found that Signature has a great team and a good product. I can see this company flourishing this year.