Jay Bradley

Sales Manager
 Moosic Pa
1 800-231-8713

Originally from New Hampshire, Jay started working in the industry in 1979. He began his career on the production line after graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Engineering.  He spent 11 years between Key-Loc Modular & New England Homes working as service and Quality Control Manger and finished as Assistant Production Manager at New England Homes.

In the fall of 1990, Jay moved to North Eastern PA to manage the multi-family production plant at Contempri Homes. Due to economic down turn, he finished at Contempri Homes as an end of the line foreman in 1994. He began working for Signature in the Spring of 1994 as an end of line foreman and worked in the field with builders and set crews to ensure proper installation of homes. In 1996 he moved inside the office to a Sales position at Signature and quickly became the top volume sales person.  After a quick stint as a salesman at Simplex, Jay returned to Signature to take on the responsibilities as Sales Manager November of 2016.

As Sales Manager, Jay manages sales for all single family and multi-family homes, including: training of sales and order processing departments to ensure communication with our customers and delivering a product that meets their expectations, work directly with production and engineering to ensure proper information is distributed to all departments, and closely monitor all after delivery follow-up and service. Signature has one of the best manufacturing facilities in the industry which allows Jay’s team to confidently sell custom modular designs.  “It’s great to be a part of a company with so many dedicated and experienced people.”

Jay and his wife have been married for over 36 years. They are the proud parents of five children who are all current college students or college graduates, and one grandchild.  They are currently empty nesters with their dog Jesse and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with family.


How did you get involved in the modular home industry?

I graduated from New Hampshire Technical Institute with an Associate’s degree in Architectural engineering in 1979. I decided to give the modular home industry a try for the summer. I have been in the business ever since.


What inspired you to work for Signature Building Systems?

I had worked for Signature from 1994-2013. I was a part of the original group that helped build SBS in the first 20 years and have desire to have SBS return to the top of the industry again.


What do you find most interesting about Signature Building Systems?

The people that make it up are the most important part of our business.


What part/ parts of Signature should be shown more to customers?

The manufacturing facility is 2nd to none.


After a factory tour, what are the most important messages you hope visitors remember?

How the houses are pre-fit and built. The thought that goes into each process is amazing. The quality of the people that are directly involved in the construction process.


Why should customers choose Signature Building Systems over a competitor?

The employees and the manufacturing facility at SBS. SBS’s commitment to service our product.


If you can describe this company in one word, what would it be and why?

Steadfast –  SBS fought hard through some very tough times due to a very difficult economic downturn.