John Lutkowski

Purchasing/ Materials Manager
 Moosic, PA
1 800-231-8713

John started working at Signature in June, 2000 in the receiving/ ship loose department. After spending a year in that position, he then became a purchasing agent and is now Purchasing/ Materials Manager. Along with purchasing the material used to build homes, John is responsible for handling all vendor relationships which include negotiating product pricing and discussing new products and assists the accounting department with vendor payments.


How did you get involved in the modular home industry?

I needed a job 15 years ago and that was the start!


What inspired you to work for Signature Building Systems?

I always liked building and construction!


What accomplishments have you made while at Signature?

I moved up from a factory worker to one of the members of our management team!


What do you find most interesting about Signature Building Systems?

The entire home building process is amazing on how fast and efficient we build houses!


What part/ parts of Signature should be shown more to customers?

I think we show as much as we can, not sure what else we can offer!


After a factory tour, what are the most important messages you hope visitors remember?

Our ability to build them what they want in a timely manner!


Why should customers choose Signature Building Systems over a competitor?

Everything above is the perfect reason to choose Signature to manufacture your next home.


What improvements has Signature made since you started working here?

The management staff has changed. They brought many new ideas to the table that makes us who we are today!


If you can describe this company in one word, what would it be?