Mike Kirby

Director of Engineering
 Moosic, PA
1 800-231-8713

Mike was a true modular novice when first introduced to the industry in 1996. He worked on the assembly line , frame shop and spent weekends as a member of a set crew team, learning many valuable lessons. He was always interested in the design aspect and transitioned into the engineering department. He was promoted to Engineering Manager and Q.C. manager for a startup company from 2003 until 2014 . It was during this time he learned the demand for AutoCAD customization to deliver accurate speed to market plans and drawings, realized the increased need in detailed shop drawings and was fortunate to work along some true “legends” in the industry. In his spare time, he was able to study the code compliance side of the business and he currently holds a couple of I.C.C certificates ( International Code Council ) which also aid’s in our plan reviews and designs.


How did you get involved in the modular home industry?

I moved from Connecticut to Pennsylvania in 1996 to get into the modular industry as it was part of the family business.


What inspired you to work for Signature Building Systems?

The facility is 2nd to none and they cater to the custom housing market. This is very unique industry unlike any other, I am blessed to be part of it and have a job that I love. Very few people can say that. We have an incredible staff and engineering department, and I look forward to growing with this company in the future.


What do you find most interesting about Signature Building Systems?

Their flexibility and willingness to accommodate the builders in their designs.


What part/ parts of Signature should be shown more to customers?

The factory tour, and if you’re lucky enough to have Vic give a tour, you will witness the passion that drives the company.


After a factory tour, what are the most important messages you hope visitors remember?

The care and detail that goes into each individual house.


Why should customers choose Signature Building Systems over a competitor?

The factory is very unique which makes for a strong finished product.


If you can describe this company in one word, what would it be and why?

Personal. The staff and management are very accessible for all questions and concerns.