Victor DePhillips

President & CEO
 Moosic, Pa
1 800-231-8713

Victor has over 40 years in the Modular Manufacturing Industry. His experience includes positions as an assembler, service man, sales representative, draftsman, plant engineer, sales manager, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Operations and President and CEO. He has been involved in the industry associations for the same amount of time, starting out by serving as Secretary for the Industrialized Building Systems Association, which eventually became the MBSA in the years to follow. Victor served as President of the Lackawanna Home Builders Association and of the Modular Building Systems Council of the NAHB. He has also served as Chairman of the Building Systems Councils of the NAHB and was a member of the Executive Committee of the same organization, the first time in 1999 and the second time in 2010. He ran multi-plant operations with sales in excess of $50,000,000 per year. He has also designed plant layouts and production flows for several plants and companies that he ran as well as other manufacturers.


How did you get involved in the modular home industry?

As a college grad, I left an engineering firm and was looking for another job in the field, when an old friend told me about a new company starting operations in our area. Having been rasied in a family of builders, I thought I would take a job with this company and make some money while looking for an opportunity in the engineering field. That was 41, almost 42 years ago.


What inspired you to work for Signature Building Systems?

I was working for another modular manufacturer when I saw an opportunity to build a house better than the other guys. I went out and put an investment group together, recruited a management team with a ton of experience and found someone to build a manufacturing facility I could lease to get started in the business.


What accomplishments have you made while at Signature?

I think we have built a team of great managers, assemblers and builders. Besides starting this company from scratch, I believe that is a great accomplishment.


What do you find most interesting about Signature Building Systems?

Our ability to convert, even the most vague drawing into a home for a customer. Our willingness to customize to satisfy a home buyer’s wishes for their new home.


What part/ parts of Signature should be shown more to customers?

Our diversity and flexibility. We build all types of products used in a variety of ways. We build single family, multi family, condos, apartments, hotels, motels, dorms, or any wood framed structure that gets thrown at us.


After a factory tour, what are the most important messages you hope visitors remember?

A few things come to mind. 1. It’s a clean, bright and well lit work environment. 2. Our assembly process allows us to test fit homes on two separate occasions which assures the buyer that it will go together once on site. 3. All additional features on our homes such as dormers, hips and special gables are test fit on the roofs as well, so that any potential site problems are eliminated.


Why should customers choose Signature Building Systems over a competitor?

Everything above is the perfect reason to choose Signature to manufacture your next home.


What improvements has Signature made since you started working here?

Response and accurate pricing systems. More responsive engineering times, improved communications with our builders and our service department that is here to take calls and respond to the builders and their customer needs.


If you can describe this company in one word, what would it be and why?

“Better.” We are better than the rest of our competitors. We have just gone thru a very difficult time in the housing industry and we survived. We did so by refinancing our company thru a private investor. This refinance allowed us to pay our vendors’ old debts and build the company back to its pre-recession status. We have improved every one of our product support services during this time and we see a bright and profitable future.